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Review "Express Lane"

New Cd by James Silberstein. Excellent recording. I'm flattered to have my tune "Kiwi Bird" on the CD.

"A seasoned veteran on the New York jazz scene, James Silberstein is an outstanding guitarist whose approach to the instrument is equally informed by blazing bebop and alluring bossa novas. An accomplished player who emulates the warm tone and remarkably fluid linear style of a Johnny Smith, Tal Farlow or Pat Martino, he also demonstrates a capacity for rich chordal voicings, uncommon lyricism and a penchant for the contrapuntal stylings of Brazilian fingerstyle guitar masters like Baden Powell and Bola Sete.

The guitarist made a strong introductory statement a couple of years ago with his impressive debut, Song For Micaela. Now with Express Lane, Silberstein shows that he ranks among the finest jazz guitarists around today."

-- Bill Milkowski