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Review Harry Allen Joe Cohn "Hey Look Me Over"
The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet
With Joel Forbes and Chuck Riggs “Hey Look Me Over”
Arbors Records, Inc ARCD 19333

Totally swinging set of music from tenor great Harry Allen and guitar monster Joe Cohn. This group has been at it for quite a long time. A steady night at a nice restaurant called “Zuni” on 9th ave. in Manhattan among many other playing situations and their rapport is easily evident. Three original tunes by the legendary Al Cohn (Joe’s father), one tune by Harry and six well known standards make up this set. Harry Allen has one of the most engaging sounds on the scene today. His playing is always melodic and fresh. The same can be said of Joe Cohn. His chops are somewhat deceptive as he seems to play with such ease that it’s hard to realize how difficult the passages he’s playing are. Both players are always listening to each other intently. Having played with them I know that’s the way they hear the music. They are both excellent musicians as well as artists.
Joel Forbes on bass and Chuck Riggs on drums are the perfect match for the dynamic duo of Harry and Joe.
A “Must” CD.

Jack Wilkins 2006