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Review- "Crazy Talk"
Review from Jim Fisch of Jeff Barone's "Crazy Talk" Cd

Crazy Talk: Jeff Barone (String Jazz) - This is the long awaited debut album from one of the NYC area's up and coming guitarists. It was co-produced by Jeff and Jack Wilkins. Wilkins' imprimatur alone should tell prospective purchasers that Barone is a force to be reckoned with.
I was immediately impressed by the fact, that out of a bumper crop of young mainstream jazz guitarists, Barone stands out with a truly distinctive guitar sound. On most of the tracks, it's a resonant electric archtop tone - one that really pops out at you. Combined with some admirable chops and an adventuresome, yet swing approach, he's a real standout.

He covers all the bases on this disc. The title track is a neat bit of inspired "60's funk. In a similar "get down" groove, he has some fun with Stevie Wonder's "Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing." Pianist Ron Oswanski lays down a nice solo on this one.

Barone proves an able hand at ballads. Notable are his intro to "You Must Believe in Spring" and the slow simmer he puts under his own "To Care For."

He also displays an impressive mastery of the classical guitar. This is brought to the fore on "Who Can I Turn To" --played in tandem with Wilkins. "She's the One" - written by Wilkins - has him working out with the full band in a pulsating Latin excursion.

Cool up-tempo arrangements highlight the normally ruminative "In a Sentimental Mood" and "Close You Eyes."Jeff's solo on the later is outstanding.

To complete the package, he shows that he can really play the blues, as he charges through the challenging tempos of "Resa's Blues."

---Jim Fisch, 20th Century Guitar Magazine/ May 2003