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Review "We Remember Tal"
For the sheer effort and hard work on the part of both players and producers, WE REMEMBER TAL deserves to be an unmitigated success. Tribute albums can often be a raggedy hotch-potch of tunes performed by ill-matched and under prepared performers. Not so with "We Remember Tal," which is one of the finest guitar tributes to be released in recent years. The key ingredient is everyone's sincere respect for Farlow's groundbreaking guitar playing. Their homage is both genuine and deeply emotional. Tal was not only an innovative player but also a truly nice guy. That the players had either met or worked with him adds a certain profundity which transcends the superficiality which sometimes accompanies such tributes.

Highlights include "Meteor" (Jack Wilkins and Randy Johnson), "Move" (Mark Elf and vibes player Joe Locke) and a swinging version of "Fascinating Rhythm" featuring Mundell Lowe, Peter Bernstein, Randy, and Jack. Other cuts are either closely associated with Farlow or written in tribute to him ("We Miss You Tal" and "Talology"). If you are a confirmed Talite, or just enjoy classy jazz guitar, this CD is for you.