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Review- Until it's Time
Until Its Time   MAXJAZZ 2009

As we inch closer to spring and with the new release season coming fast and furious,  I wanted to tell you about yet another gem I found on the MAXJAZZ label.

Known as a master technician and heralded as a stellar accompanist for such singers as Mel Torme, Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Sammy Davis Jr, Tony Bennett, and the  Manhattan Transfer; Wilkins allows his  genius to shine through on "Until Its Time".

In a release where the song list ranges from Beethoven to Sonny Rollins to James Taylor, Jack Wilkins gives a virtuoso performance complete with fabulous arrangements and a swinging backing group.
The rhythm section is held together by pianist Jon Cowherd, bassist Steve LaSpina, drummer Mark Ferber and percussionist Samuel Torres.

An infectious smooth and stylish swing runs from the Latin infused "Arthurs Theme" to a tasty acoustic rendition of  folksinger Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Until It's Time for You to Go."

Artistically gifted and as technically proficient as they come; Wilkins arrangements show off his tremendous improvisational magic while never losing sight of "the band." Perhaps the greatest guitar player you have never heard of!

A true gem!

Reviewed By Brent Black