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Tribute:Jimmy Wyble
A tribute I wrote for dear Jimmy Wyble.

Jimmy Wyble

I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy for the first time about 5 years ago. The guitar community in New York gave a party for him at my apartment. Players that came by included Howard Alden, Gene Bertoncini, James Chrillo,Carl Barry, James Silberstein, Scott DuBois, Paul Meyers,Jim Hershman, and Jeff Barone. When I finally got to say hello to Jimmy, it was like a I knew him my whole life. I felt immediately comfortable and we really hit it off. There was an unspoken rapport and respect between us. It was thrilling to actually get to know this man. The joy he exudes and the brightness in his face is a experience one doesn't see that often.
The music of Jimmy Wyble is of course something I've studied and admired for many many years. His “2” line concept is one of the most extraordinary achievements of any guitarist of any genre. Uniquely Jimmy Wyble. The ease in which he plays it is contrary to the difficulty of executing it. I and many others have tried to play his compositions and have dealt with a beautiful and rewarding challenge.
At this first party, Jimmy didn't play guitar much to our disappointment. The following year, he paid another visit to N.Y. again at my apartment and did in fact play. That was something to see! His hands were soft and without strain or stress. Not one note was missed. We all were in awe watching him.
This man is also one of the most generous of spirit, gracious, and caring. I love Jimmy Wyble and I'm not alone in that feeling. Thank you Jimmy for being on this planet! The world is a better place because you're here.

Jack Wilkins