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Review "Until it's Time"
Until It’s Time, Jack Wilkins.
Guitarist Wilkins begins his disc with an unfortunate opener, a Brazilian-style cover of “Arthur’s Theme,” which makes him sound like a smooth jazzer. It’s not until the fast jazz waltz of “Show Me” that we realize that Wilkins is more than just elevator jazz. His hollow-body guitar tone is indeed smooth, but his licks are inspired. Wilkins, though, seems to like both sides of the jazz world, since he returns to a pop-ier sense on James Taylor’s easygoing “Blossom.” Nowadays, when going the smoother route, an artist needs to establish chops up front for true jazz fans; otherwise, the results can be dismissed. Luckily, Wilkins can swing, as he shows on a grooving version of “Walk Don’t Run,” and “Airegin.” He definitely has quirky and varied tastes, toying with classical on “Fur Elise,” and Latin on a searing version of “Tico Tico.” It all seems to work somehow, though tenuously at times.
2009, MaxJazz, 69:34.

Kyle O'Brien